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The Nightmare War-Chapter 3

NG55: Hello, everyone! NintendoGal55 here, and today I am joined by my friend Shmoog! We are going to co-snark this abomination of literature! I said I wouldn't touch it, but we decided to rip it apart together.

Shmoog: Hi everyone, and I must say I am quite thrilled and nervous to be snarking this horrible fanfiction chapter with someone so talented, but I am determined to do my best! We'll both try to destroy it as much as it deserves to be ;P.

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Bedward VS Jally

Like my last entry, Anti-Twilight stuff. But this time, Edward and Bella VS Jack and Sally. Of course, there is no competition. Jack and Sally WIN!

But, for the hell of it, let's play a game.

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Bonus: Anti-Twilight

This is a bonus entry. Since it is snarking slightly, I will put it here. All of it was inspired by das_mervin :D

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Slender Man Spork Kill

This was a silly one-shot written by sos_sporkers, while I wrote a little epilogue. For those who had seen my previous snarkings, both here and on TwilightSucks.com, well, this speaks for itself.

It's all a silly spitefic, starring our good friend the Slender Man. :D It's an inside joke between sos_sporkers and I that he and Jack are cousins. XD All good fun. ;) He knows how to kill Mary Sues...with their one weakness. A spork. :D


Jack and Sally belong to Tim Burton
The Slender Man Belongs to Victor Surge

Story by sos_sporkers
Epilogue by me

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The Nightmare War-Chapter 2

Well, I decided to spork chapter two. I'm just posting it here since it's already here. No worry, I will be doing some more bad TNBC fics on das_sporking. But for now, here's this.


How I want to slap you.

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TNAC Spitefic

That's right folks, this is a spitefic to Jinney's "The Nightmare After Christmas", based on chapter two, which I have snarked on TwilightSucks.com

At one point near the end, Jinney tore into Jack about his PJ's. ...Well, at first he was actually standing up for himself, but then he gave in! That just...NO!!!! I was livid.

So, in a fit of anger, and to laugh hard, I made this spitefic. >:3 Enjoy it, folks!

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The Nightmare War-Chapter 1

Well folks, guess who's back? That's right, Jinney. The one who's stories I snarked on TwilightSucks.com, and right here on LiveJournal. Well, I was informed by a friend of mine, that she has a new story.

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Hello, and welcome to my first post here. As I mentioned in my introduction, I had snarked Jinney's so-called "improved" fanfiction of The Nightmare Before Christmas...where Sally is replaced with her horrendous Mary-Sue. I snarked that story, and then I sporked the second chapter of her even worse(?) sequel, called "The Nightmare After Christmas", since that was definitely snark-worthy.

By the way, I went off on an angry tangent at first here. But I've edited a lot of it so that it is more like an analysis and not just a bitch fest. I do apologize for my yelling in this. I was just so angry.

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Hello! I'm NintendoGal55. That has been my favourable alternate Internet name as opposed to the ones I've had for years. Tamyki on YouTube, and UchihaPrincess16 (shut up, I was literally sixteen when I made it) on deviantART. Since then, I've changed the name I had on TwilightSucks.com to that, made a new LiveJournal, and I also made an alternate YouTube channel under NintendoGal55. But enough about that. XD

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