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The Nightmare War - Chapter 5 Part 2

"The Zombie and Vampire Kings." Rachel mumbled loud enough for them to hear. "Ah, yes…the Enchantress I've heard so much about." The Vampire King said. "Rachel Terrera, yes…I've been vonting to meet you." Rachel held up her sword in a ready stance. The Vampire King, who was originally in the shadows, stepped out to reveal the most handsome of beings that Rachel had ever seen.

What Rachel didn't realize was that she was being hypnotized…

Rainbow Dash: WHAT DID I TELL YOU! Just as I thought!! So-called strong Enchantress is gonna need saving! HA!

AppleJack: Well, you were right! An' these scenarios are making less n' less sense with any plot and are becomin' less n' less believable, with so many out-of-place add-ins like this with the Vampire King who is starting to sound a lot like a Cullen! Dx

Twilight Sparkle: She even has the Transylvanian accent all wrong!

Spike: You'd think that now the enemy monsters are attacking, there'd be some action! But no! DX That's not fair! This is a war! I want some action, darn it!

Rainbow Dash: Me too! This is boring! DX

Pinkie Pie: You said it! This IS boring! Hmph!

Rarity: Barbaric as it may be, I do agree! There is no action despite the word "War" being in the title!

The Enchantress lowered her sword to the ground subconsciously. The Vampire King smiled, "Now, now, no need to fight me. I just vont to talk." He walked up to her and lifted her up by her face, "You have very beautiful eyes. Your complexion is perfect…" He smiled, showing his jagged teeth. "Now why are you fighting on the side of good. Why don't you fight with us, my dear? You shall be rewarded in the end."

Rachel closed her eyes and moaned. Jack, who had heard her moan, turned and gasped at the sight, "NO! You leave her alone!" The Vampire King turned to him, "Shut it, Bone Man!" He turned back to the girl in his grasp, "You shall fight for us…and destroy all the citizens of Halloween Town and the other holidays. Do you understand?"

Spike: Didn't he kinda sound all cool and classy a second ago? Why does he suddenly say bone man like a childish insult? He sounded like Oogie there!

Pinkie Pie: Soooooo um....is there even any legitimate motives for the armies wanting to destroy all the Halloween Town citizens and the other holidays? Because there seems to be nothing legitimate in this story so far and it just seems to get worse...What, are they having a war just for fun, just to say they've destroyed the holidays? Why were they even against each other in the first place? There might have been a reason in one of the chapters before but I don't recall any real ones.

Twilight: I would give the benefit of the doubt since the story is still ongoing...but I'm willing to believe that the motives of the villains will never be explained.

Rarity: Oogie may not have stated his motivations in the movie, but at least he followed through with his actions and he was hilariously fun!

Pinkie Pie: I understand that, but it just seems like so far there are no motives and that if there was one it would have been explained already. Oogie was different; he was just one evil creature with intentions to have complete power over everything. He being a villain worked and made sense with everything....this war in this story makes no sense to be happening at all.

Fluttershy: Aren't wars usually over disagreements? What has ever happened between Halloween Town and the Vampires and Zombies? I wish things would be clearer.

Spike: He's just like that stupid villain from The Hunchback of Notre Dame II! Frollo was awesome!!! But then there's a petty thief following?! Pretty stupid! DX

Rainbow Dash: Hay yeah! I second that! This so-called villain is just like any other cheap excuse for a villain!!! ...Frankly you're right, Fluttershy. There was no mention of anything of the sort even in the earlier chapters!

Derpy: Can we end this? :< *Gives everyone muffins*

Twilight Sparkle: Coming right up!

AppleJack: How is Rachel even being hypnotized by a vampire, if she's an all-powerful Enchantress who should have been able to see that coming a mile away an' block it? What, at first she shows off an' then now she isn't using her powers to stop this? Why does this Vampire King have all of this power over her so suddenly? This seems all over the place an' it doesn't make much sense!

Fluttershy: Yes, Twilight, please end this now...>n<! *takes a muffin*

Rachel slowly opened her eyes. They were no longer their deep blue. Now, they were a blazing red. But they were half closed as if she wasn't even aware of what was going on. She would now do anything the Vampire King told her to do. "Yes…" She said. The Vampire King smiled, "Now, why don't you start by going into town and attacking and destroying the citizens."

Rachel didn't respond. She only picked up her sword and ran in the direction of town. Jack gasped again, "No! Rachel, stop!" But she didn't listen. In fact, she couldn't even hear anything except the Vampire King's voice. "You leave her alone!" Jack shouted. The Vampire King turned and sped towards him like a bullet until he was right in front of the Pumpkin King.

"Why? Are you in love with her?" He asked the skeleton. Jack stopped and thought about that. The Vampire King waited patiently. Jack reviewed the past few days. He had tried to help her and tried to let her see the truth of what she lived…or didn't live for. More like what she was undead for. She died hating a lot of things and she used her rage to fuel her actions, her fighting especially.

But after all the bad things he'd seen her do, he knew there was goodness in her. She just needed to find it. And maybe…he would be the one to help her. But the question remained…was he in love with her? As soon as the Vampire King asked that and Jack thought about it, the answer became clear…

"Yes…I am…" And with that, Jack sped off in the direction of town so fast that the Vampire King couldn't stop him. Jack knew what he had to do. He just had to do it right without getting hurt or slapped again. Could he break the spell put on his new crush? He knew the only way he could do that was if she loved him too…he could only hope!

Twilight Sparkle: ....That's it. That's all he has to go on that he "loves" her. That's ALL we get.


Rarity: After a few days of knowing her, and so soon after breaking up with Sally? D: Why, I NEVER!!! How preposterous!

Pinkie Pie: *fills up with steam* UUGGGHHH!!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS STORY!!!! THIS. IS. AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Derpy: He didn't even have a good period of moving on! He just moved on to the next pretty thing! D:

Spike: That's so mean! ;_; Poor Sally! D:

Fluttershy: Jack just admits to BEING IN LOVE with this horrible girl who has DONE NOTHING for him and then it says 'Could he break the spell on his new crush' New crush!?!? That's not being in love!! That's being infatuated! There is no real love in this story! You are not in love with her Jack, this is way too forced, I cannot buy this, you JUST broke up with Sally, a girl who meant a lot more than Rachel, and you are being a brainless skeleton, worse than ever!!!! I have no more words!!!! D8<

......?!?!?! O/////O Rainbow Dash!

Rainbow Dash: O.O .............>//////////////////////<

AppleJack: So we have Rachel hypnotized to now destroy the town (the oh so fitting plot turn, everypony T_T), a convinience Jinney put in the story so Jack could admit his feelings like this. This is HORRIBLE WRITING!!! Poor, poor Sally....This is unbelievable!!! >:C

Fluttershy:...You're absolutely right, Rainbow, Jack was being a moron and doesn't know what love is....B-but you know better, a-and you clearly know what it's like to have love for someone <3. I...I love you too, Dashie :3. You're the greatest friend a pony could ever ask for.....o////////////////////o I-I I mean this was a terrible story and we all learned from it and I have to go home now bye everyponythankyouforthisandseeyouallsoonthanksforthemuffinsDerpybyeRainbowbecarefulokay? *sheepishly flies off while quietly ranting profusely, her shyness taking over*

Rainbow Dash. =_= Just a second. *Flies off, and brings Fluttershy back* Oh no you don't! You come back here! >:U

Fluttershy: noooooooo! >///n///< *tries to fly off*

AppleJack: Hold your ponies, everypony. We still have more to do ^_^!

Rainbow Dash: *Holds her down* Exactly! ......*Nuzzles her* Come on....won't ya stay, watch me in action? >:3

Rarity: *Giggles* Well! I think we established all that is wrong! Let us make it right! ^w^

Twilight: That sounds good! All right, so what theme should we do? 83

Derpy: Ooh ooh! 8D Sally proves herself in battle! Then when Rachel is somehow saved, they try to confess their love...

Spike: But Sally won't have it! She intervenes! >8D

Pinkie Pie: Goody goody 8D! And then Jack starts to realize many many many many many many many many things and together he and Sally defeat Rachel who has now turned on them and the town from being hypnotized, atop of being the horrible sue she already is!

Rainbow Dash: I call Rachel! >83

Rarity: I'll be Sally again! ^w^

Fluttershy: I'll be....Jack then O.O? 3x I'm no good at being a skeleton as foolish as he's become to be...*cowers*

Twilight Sparkle: You can try, Fluttershy! You did it before! :3 Unless you're ready to try, AppleJack? 83

Fluttershy: I...I know, but...I really can't be a very good Jack Dx.

AppleJack: Fine, I'll try. But I won't be very good.

Pinkie Pie: You sillies give up too easily! If being Jack is a challenge then I will take it! >8D You can just call me Pinkie Mr. Skellington Pie!....Expect I can't remove my head like he can....but what the hay here I'll do my bestest ^o^!

Twilight Sparkle: XD All right then. Shall we begin?

Spike: Begin the scene! Lights, camera, and....ACTION! *Claps his hands* On the dark, stormy night of the raging war between the zombies and the vampires...right on the front lines was none other than the Pumpkin King himself! He fought hard and brave against the enemy! But then...as times grew tough, there then came some help!

AppleJack: Pinkie-

Pinkie Pie: Uh uh uh! That's Pinkie Mr. Skellington Pie to you! Now I have to get in character!

AppleJack: *rolls eyes* Ugh...Pinkie Mr. Skellington Pie, I said I would do it.

Pinkie Pie: Yeah, but you said you won't be very good! You don't have confidence in yourself, and you need to have confidence AJ! ^^ But if you really want to do this, you can :3.

AppleJack: ....You're right, Pinkie. I don't have much confidence...but I do want to try. I....I will do my best! >83

Pinkie Pie: Okey dokey then ^o^! You can be AppleJackSkellington now! The role is all yours! You can do it!

AppleJack: (Jack) *turns around in the midst of fighting to see a familiar figure he didn't expect*

Spike: And there, in the midst of the chaos, adorned in warrior clothing and a cloak, with a Soul Robber of her own, was Sally! She lowered the hood of her cloak, as the wind bellowed all around her! Her hair waved and danced, as she shined like a beautiful angel against the darkened sky of doom!

Rarity: (Sally) I've come to help, Jack! I was not about to sit back and watch the town crumble at the hands of these monsters!

AppleJack: (Jack) Sally! Sally...I, I...Thank you, Sally...and be careful, please! These monsters are very dangerous! *is surprised to see Soul Robber with her, and wonders if she would be able to handle it alright* I need you to be safe, Sally! Promise me you'll be careful! *he looks to her seriously, a look of shock still apparent on his skull*

Rarity: (Sally) *Clearly bitter* Please, don't.

Spike: It was apparent that Sally was very bitter at the way she'd been treated ever since she and Jack broke up! She clearly didn't believe he wanted her safe, not entirely! But she wasn't letting that get in the way of her mission to help everyone!

AppleJack: (Jack) I...Sally, we could really use your help, yes, but we need you to be safe! *is not entirely sure of what skills she may possess for battle and doubts her abilities because of her fragile stamina, but for some reason afterwards feels guilty for doubting her so much. He sees that she's being bitter and that this isn't the best of times to talk with her to actually be on some common ground with her, so he nods to her once sternly, trying to remain serious about his words*

NintendoGal55: Spike: But then! A zombie monster came staggering toward them! D: Oh no! It was right behind Jack, so he didn't see it coming at first. Sally of course warned him of it and used her Soul Robber to attack at it! She sent it to the ground, convulsing, as she ended it.

Rarity: (Sally) I can hold my own, Jack... Now come on, Rachel has been kidnapped and hypnotized...we have to do something to break the spell.

AppleJack: (Jack) *is taken aback by her actions, but looks to her gratefully* Okay, Sally...we have to fix this. *looking to her, he realizes his words ring true for more than just fixing the situation with Rachel and saving the town, but with fixing his relationship with Sally too. He is now feeling more sure about giving Sally a chance to prove herself in battle, feeling bad for completely forgetting how loyal and clever she was, and how strong she could be*

Pinkie Pie: Oooh! Jack's gonna finally stop being a moron after he realizes more and more! You can do it, Jack! Give Sally a chance! 8D

Spike: After Jack and Sally regrouped, they followed the trail of the Vampire King, and found where he was dwelling! He went to Jack's own home, and in there was also Rachel!

Rainbow Dash: (Rachel) Intruders!! Begone, you vile beasts!! How dare you trespass!!

AppleJack: (Jack) *looks to her and speaks in full sternness* Trespass? Rachel, you know that this is my house, in which you are trespassing in. You have been hypnotized, and you have to try to think clearly.

Rainbow Dash: (Rachel) I don't know what you're talking about.

Rarity: (Sally) *Bitterly* Go and break the spell, Jack. I'll find the Vampire King myself.

Spike: Sally was determined to stop this evil monstrosity, but she knew she couldn't de-hypnotize Rachel on her own! On top of that, she didn't want to see it happen, she couldn't! It was too painful, and too unbelievable. She could still feel as if her heart had been ripped to shreds and then stomped on! But none the less, she was ready to take down the Vampire King and help save the town! That was the important thing!

AppleJack: (Jack) Rachel, you don't know what you're saying! You have to listen to me, you need to try to think about everything that happened before the Vampire King came along. Rachel, you were here to help our town fight against these monsters. Don't let them control you, you have more power than that! Clear your mind of them! Please Rachel, you have to try!

Rainbow Dash: (Rachel) You're talking stupid nonsense! I have perfect control over myself! I must destroy this town and all of the other holiday worlds! Why shouldn't I? They never did anything for me!

Fluttershy: Jack tried to reason with Rachel, but to little avail. He did not want to have to fight her, knowing that would make it worse. He then suddenly thought about Sally, who mentioned going off to find the Vampire King...and he began to worry for her. What if she stood no chance? He knew he was losing faith in her again, and he didn't know what to think anymore. He wished he had gone instead to find the Vampire King himself, while Sally broke the spell from Rachel, since she must have knew more about spells than he did...he again feels bad for forgetting how valuable Sally was, having so many skills needed for these situations, and how grounded she could be. He wanted to be there with her now, to help her through this.

Abandoning her was not what he intended...he shook his skull as he was filled with so much confusion and feeling so lost, and weak. He had to be strong and keep trying, and he would try his best, even though he was being torn up inside by so much...

AppleJack: (Jack) Rachel, I'm not finished with this. I need to go find the Vampire King right now, because he may be the only one able to break the spell. And I need to find Sally, who could also help you. I don't know what to do about this, but I have to try my best. *runs off to try to find Sally and the Vampire King with one final look to the writhing Rachel as she began to tear his house apart*

Spike: After Jack went searching for the Vampire King, it wasn't long before he found him in the middle of a confrontation with Sally. She was holding her own, and ready to beat him down...but like all bad villains, the Vampire King went into an extensive monologue about his evil plan!

Rarity: (Sally) You won't get away with this!

Pinkie Pie: *ditches the Transylvanian accent* (Vampire King) What do you think you have on me, you petty little rag doll? Here, let me stare into that stitched-up face of yours...*is trying to get eye contact with her so he can hypnotize her*

Fluttershy: Sally does her best to look away, strategizing how to take him down.

Rarity: (Sally) You have nothing on me, my eyes aren't even real! You can stare into them....but hypnotizing me is pointless.

Pinkie Pie: (Vampire King) You silly, tragic girl. Hypnotizing you would be very fun, I promise. You would get to destroy the town and the holidays, get revenge on all that has oppressed you....*smirks*

Rarity: (Sally) You're wrong. It was one being who oppressed me! But just because he was misguided in providing for me as his creation...doesn't mean I would take it out on the whole town!

Pinkie Pie: (Vampire King) Are you certain of that, you blind little doll? Your peers, all looking down on you, finding you weak and helpless...no one believed in you...no one was there for poor little Sally....*chuckles morbidly as he attempts to get her in his hypnotic gaze* Your eyes don't need to be real, you know...I would just look straight into your soul...it's funny really how easy it is to control everyone, even people as powerful as that Enchantress, Rachel...

Fluttershy: Little did the Vampire King realize that Jack was well hidden from the scene, waiting for the right moment to come out and strike using Soul Robber. *giggles, going off-script* At first the Vampire King seemed like some sort of Cullen vampire, but now he seems to be manipulative like Discord tried to be! x3

Rarity: *Giggles, also going off script* (Sally) I won't let you! I...may be alone in this, but I will not back down...I will help save this town! !)

AppleJack: (Jack) As will I!

Fluttershy: Jack jumps out from his hidden position and strikes the Vampire King from behind with Soul Robber, causing the Vampire King to lose his concentration in trying to capture Sally's gaze. He stumbles and almost falls over as he turns around to Jack, seething. Jack is glad for this turn of events and readies himself to strike again, but he could barely handle the Soul Robber in all that was going through his skull and all he could think about in the moment was how grateful he was to see that Sally was okay (she really was a strong woman that didn't fall under pressure easily) and that now, after so long, he could begin to be there for her again.

He feels immense amounts of remorse going through his system as he thinks about how he's been treating Sally, who had once meant everything to him.

Jack barely has control over himself, as he tries to find one thing to focus on, to regain strength once again so he can fight properly. He looks to Sally, who looks ready to use her Soul Robber too. He still had no idea how to save Rachel, though...but he was not about to give up. He focused the best he could on the only thing he could find strength from, and in his heart, it told him that it was Sally. From his new-found strength, he striked the Vampire King again, bringing him to the ground.

AppleJack: (Jack) *in complete anger* Stay away from Sally, unhypnotize Rachel and stop this madness at once; I will not let you destroy my town! You cannot destroy the holidays; they are stronger than this and will not stand for being controlled over!

Rarity: (Sally) O.O ...Jack....

Spike: Now that Jack had shown himself, it wasn't long before the Vampire King retaliated his attack!! But Sally stepped in to help, and for once, for the first time days, she didn't feel alone. The Vampire King then rose, with a deafening cackle, as Jack and Sally, reunited once again, stood by with their respective Soul Robbers ready to attack! But the Vampire King just faced them before he spoke again!

Pinkie Pie: (Vampire King) *grimaces* Well, look at this, two creatures who make such a great team, but are exes, all love lost between them *chuckles mockingly*....You foolish skeleton, thinking you can stop me. And a weak and fragile rag doll! *laughs deviously* It's funny to even think about mere stitched-up pieces of cloth having strength over anyone...though I will admit you have quite an impressive mind. Anyways, I'll have you know that there are only two ways to break the spell of being hypnotized...

Hmmm, anyways, the zombies may be slow and killed off more easily, but don't think you can get rid of us vampires so easily. We will have control over the whole town by the time the day has ended, including the both of you. So far I've only successfully hypnotized Rachel, which was easier than I expected...I guess she's not as strong-willed as such puts herself out to be.

Rarity: (Sally) No....you're wrong! We will stop you! Bringing in our personal....conflicts will not deter us! Rachel made the mistake of fighting with hatred, having such anger and malevolence, as well as overconfidence, were her greatest weaknesses that led to her downfall... But this isn't about who is stronger than someone. This...is protecting the greater good, protecting the town we love! Try as you may, you will have to go through us!

AppleJack: (Jack) We will not let you follow through on your schemes! This has never been about personal weaknesses, this is about fighting for our town! These citizens are stronger than you think, and they will not fall under your control so easily! Your army of vampires are being destroyed as we speak, so you will not come through in this! Now unhypnotize Rachel, and leave this town to its rest, or you will pay the consequences! You have no business here and we will not go down without a fight!

Fluttershy: Right after Jack spoke, his Soul Robber again ready to strike, was when Rachel entered the scene, set out on destroying the Pumpkin King and anything else that got in her way!

Rainbow Dash: (Rachel) Muahahahaha!!! I am going to kill you all!!!!! I AM THE MOST POWERFUL!!

Spike: But as Rachel lunged at him with her dark magic, that was when Sally leaped into action by launching Soul Robber at the Enchantress! Rachel didn't see it coming, she was blinded by her own hatred and the hypnotizing! Soul Robber wound all around her, effectively tying her up!

Rainbow Dash: (Rachel) This is outrageous! Let me go!

Rarity: (Sally) Never.

AppleJack: (Jack)...Sally...

Fluttershy: Jack looked from Sally back to the Vampire King, who had his gaze focused on the Enchantress, trying to get her out of Sally's Soul Robber's iron grip. Jack took this opportunity to use his own Soul Robber to launch it at the Vampire King, strategically binding it around him, making him lose his focus once again.

AppleJack: (Jack) *in a demanding declare* Now unhypnotize her at once!

Pinkie Pie: (Vampire King) *is being crushed by the binds of Soul Robber* N....Never! You'll have to destroy me first! D8<

AppleJack: (Jack) If that is what you insist, then I will have no shame in doing so!

Fluttershy: Jack's Soul Robber suddenly un-binded itself from the Vampire King and took on the form of a spiked mace, attacking the monster until it began to vanish completely, as if into thin air. Rachel though was still under the controlling powers, doing all she could to break from Sally's grip. She lunged herself at Sally, trying to escape the Soul Robber, but Sally used all the strength she had to keep her tied up as she became more and more unhypnotized.

Rarity: (Sally) The Vampire King is vanquished, nothing is controlling you now, Rachel!

Rainbow Dash: (Rachel) Uggghh....DX

Spike: After a few minutes, it wasn't long before Rachel finally regained her senses! She was no longer hypnotized, but seemed to have no memory of what had happened while she was hypnotized! Sally let her go, and watched as Rachel ran to Jack. She knew this was coming...and part of her wanted to leave them...and just let Jack be happy. But then, she thought of how Rachel had ever treated him...and decided, no. She was not going down without a fight!

Rainbow Dash: (Rachel) Jack!! You saved me!!!!

AppleJack: (Jack) Only just barely, I'm afraid. The Vampire King had too much power over you and I couldn't have done it with out Sally's help...*he looks to Sally gratefully, but sees how hurt she looks from this situation, and is pained by the sadness in her features* I...I-I'm glad you're okay now, Rachel....I..

Fluttershy: He tried to look to Rachel and speak to her more, but every time he tried to all he could see was the pure malice he saw in her eyes when she tried to attack him, tried to attack Sally...he knew she was hypnotized at the time, but that same unsettling aura seemed to still be in her eyes. He was happy she was saved now, yes, but he couldn't bring himself to look at her...what if she had hurt Sally? In the midst of all the overwhelming realization Jack was beginning to go through, he hesitantly walked over towards Sally, looking to her sincerely, almost slowly reaching out to her.

AppleJack: (Jack) Sally...you...you did brilliantly there before...you had more control over the situation then I did, and you stood your ground. A-And you...you helped me, and I appreciate it immensely. *almost touches her hand, but pulls back* Thank...Thank you so much for helping me, Sally....

Rarity: (Sally) ....*Purses lips and looks away from him* You're welcome. I wanted to help.

Rainbow Dash: (Rachel) HEY! Hello?!! I'm still here! Jack, fine, you got me, okay?! I heard what you said before. So, fine! I love you too. There, happy?

Spike: Sally was shocked to hear that, and wasn't sure what to do next. Even with her motives in mind, it was almost impossible to muster up the strength she needed. Which was funny to think, she helped take down armies of zombies and vampires, and stood up the Vampire King! Why couldn't she do anything? Her heart was breaking all over again, and she was even more guarded than before!

AppleJack: (Jack) *is hurt by Sally's actions, but decides to give her some space, and reluctantly turns back to Rachel, slowly piecing this together* Rachel...Wait, how can you say that you heard what I said... I thought you forgot everything that happened while being hypnotized...or...or...you did know what was going on...you let him hypnotize you, Rachel! You didn't forget anything, your own mind was conscious while fighting against my citizens, and fighting against me, and Sally! You knew exactly what was happening and you let it happen! How dare you, you knew exactly what was going on!

And...you don't love me. Not at all, Rachel! If you did you'd have easily dodged being hypnotized and would have fought with me against the armies and you would have been there for me! You have done nothing to prove yourself to me, Rachel! All you've done is give in to the enemy and hurt our town, deceiving us, you traitor!

*is now seething* You never did help me strategize a plan to keep them from our barriers...you let them into our town, warning us and destroying a few of them only to make yourself look better for our town... You never cared for this town or its citizens, Rachel! And I know what you heard and I was wrong! I was wrong about you, about everything! I don't love you, Rachel!

Fluttershy: As Jack was saying this, realizing more and more, he looked to Sally, the only one willing to ever stay by his side....oh, he felt he could just fall apart completely from all of his stupidity these last few days. He was instantly filled with not only anger at himself and at Rachel, but with great amounts of remorse at betraying the only one who always truly cared about him....Sally.

Rainbow Dash: *Off script* YEAAAH!!! >8D That's it!! Sally, 1! Rachel, ZERO! ...Um....*Gets back in character* (Rachel) What?! You're being outrageous!! I heard what you said! That's not the same as remembering!!! Come on!! You're not even giving me a chance!!

Spike: As Rachel ranted on and only dug herself into a deeper grave, Sally stood by and wasn't sure what to do. This woman...really just...didn't care about him or anyone at all. Nothing except herself and looking powerful.

Rainbow Dash: (Rachel) I mean, come on! I planned it this way to make him think he had the upper hand! But he didn't! I was going to swoop in and save the day! But SHE ruined it!

Rarity: (Sally) ....I was saving your life. Not in any kind of proof to make myself better. But because I care about everyone. ...I'm leaving.

Fluttershy: Jack never noticed Sally leave amidst his rage towards Rachel...

While buried in anger, something he hadn't felt this strongly since Oogie Boogie almost destroyed Sally....'Sally...', he thought...He then realized that Sally was gone. He could not believe the things he was realizing, the things he looked past and didn't see completely until now, the things he missed out on, how terrible he had become....He hung his skull in shame as he almost fell to his knees, hating himself entirely for letting all of this happen. He needed to go find Sally....And at that thought he ran out of the tower to find her.

Derpy: (As Zero) Arf!!! O: *Chases after him* Say, where've I been all this time?! I didn't even do anything!

Spike: Jack searched high and low to try to find Sally, it was time to make things right with her! But where had she gone? He asked around, the Mayor reported that Sally went to the graveyard...but wondered why Jack was bothering with her.

Twilight Sparkle: (Mayor) But Jaaaack!! Everything's normal now! We have to plan Halloween some more!! She'll be fine!!!

AppleJack: *eats a muffin* 83 (Jack) Not right now, Mayor! I have to talk to her!

Fluttershy: And on that note he ran to the graveyard determined to find her, and set things right. What he knew now more than ever was that he needed her...and that he wouldn't stand for abandoning her ever again. He would do everything in his power to be there for her and to be her friend again, and on that thought he saw Sally, sitting atop Spiral Hill, facing the haunted moon...

He had no idea how to approach her, so he just did what came naturally. He sang to her, slowly ascending the hill, putting everything he had into his words.

AppleJack: (Jack) You give me strength to show you care...I cannot fail with you so near...I know I'd be lost without you...

Spike: Sally was taken aback as she turned to look at him. Even in her warrior clothing, her cloak flowing in the breeze...she still looked so beautiful. She could see now that being bitter and upset, as well as guarded...wouldn't help. This is what led to Rachel's downfall. And Jack just...said everything in his song, the way he looked at her, and smiled, and was singing! She felt her heart melt, and wanted to fall to her knees....before the only man she ever loved. And pretty soon, she sang right back, remembering the words from a reprise of their original song. They then sang together in perfect harmony!

Rarity: (Sally) We'll stand together... Now and forever...And I'll tell you, this very troubled night...That we will set things right....

Fluttershy: Jack felt so...so complete, having Sally sing with him now...as the song finished, he had now finished ascending the hill, all he could do was just gaze at her...she really was so beautiful. Sally, the only true friend he had ever had, the only one who truly understood him and cared for him....looking at her, he could feel deep in his bones that he never stopped loving her. It was impossible for him to ever stop loving her. She was always there for him, through and through. And she was there for him today, after how horribly he had treated her...he could not believe he would ever of stooped so low under Rachel's manipulations to treat his dearest friend in such ways...he knew that he had proven himself to not be worthy of her care, or love.

She deserved so much better...Jack sadly frowned at this, hoping that someday she could forgive him, even though with all of his foolishness from the past few days that he didn't deserve it.

AppleJack: (Jack) *gently taking her hands, tears pricking the edges of his eye sockets* Sally, I…I’m…I’m so, so sorry…for h-hurting you, for abandoning you…for letting myself fall so far down in this…for letting Rachel abuse so much…for not being there for you… You’ve always been my dearest friend, Sally, I…I’m not worthy of your care. You’re so amazing, perfect…the best friend I could ask for. And I’ve been so weak, and blind…what kind of king am I, Sally…I let down my whole town by letting Rachel stay here. None of this would have happened if it wasn’t for her! I- *takes a deep breath, gently squeezing her hands*…I miss you, Sally…I miss you so much.

Spike: Sally was, needless to say, taken aback by his words. She could see how much he sincerely regretted everything. All the remorse was in his voice and in his bony features! It was heartbreaking to look at, and Sally knew with no doubt that Jack truly was sorry for everything. He realized what Rachel had done, and now was trying to make up for it. In all honesty, she couldn't turn away from him if she tried.

Rarity: (Sally) I missed you too, Jack.... *Sniffles, tears in her eyes* You hurt me, but I hurt you too...by not even coming after you. I should have fought for you harder...I should have.... And I'm sorry. I know you don't love me, and that's fine. I just want to be friends.

Fluttershy: Jack is shocked by her words, but can see how sincere she is being and how much meaning she has put into what she said. He shook his skull sadly and gently pulled her into a tight embrace on impulse from her words.

AppleJack: (Jack) *holds her tightly, his eye sockets squeezed shut* Oh Sally...How could I not love you...I love you so much...I love you, Sally...A-And I...I understand if you don't love me anymore. I should have fought harder for you too...I should have made sure you were okay, and I should have been there to help you through all of this...*pulls back and looks to her sincerely* I just want to be your friend, too...to be there for you for the rest of forever...*sniffle*...I hurt you, Sally...I don't deserve your love anyways...but I will never abandon you ever again, you have my word.

Spike: The howling of the night became the only sound they could hear! Sally wondered what to say...she knew the truth, he loved her! He still loved her! She had the choice, to tell him the truth and accept his love...or to walk away. Either choice made her nervous somehow. All she could do was gaze him in longing, but not before she kissed him! With one little kiss, she said it all!

Rarity: (Sally) And I love you, too…*Sniffle* Let's try again....

Fluttershy: And with that, Jack had smiled in a way he hadn't in days, and picked her right up and spun her around in happiness, and kissed her with all the love he had! She loved him still, and they had another chance together! He felt like the happiest man alive (or undead, for that matter) in that moment! Jack and Sally were finally reunited as lovers, and they could not be happier to be together again, where they belonged. The end ^^~!

Pinkie Pie: Heeeey, what about Rachel? And is Zero okay? Dx

Derpy: (Zero) Arf arf!! I'm good! I'm just glad my mistress is back! Now I'm playing with the ghosts in the graveyard!

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Twilight Sparkle: Before I go, Spike, take a letter! *Dictates* Dear Princess Celestia, I learned a very important lesson about friendship, and even love. That it doesn't matter how strong you are, it's about what you do with it. What you're fighting for, and why. And just because you are strong, doesn't mean you can't become vulnerable if you never know how to use your power right. It's always good to remember what you're fighting for. Your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle.

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