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The Nightmare War - Chapter 5 Part 1

AppleJack: Umm...How come I was just apple-buckin' and I ended up here suddenly?

Fluttershy: O_O

Pinkie Pie: Sillies! We're back on the Shmoogie and Squishy show! 8D Come on, girls! 83

Derpy: Yay! 8D I'm back again! >w< *Makes some muffins*

NG55: That's right, everypony! ...And Spike. XD You're all here once more! For chapter five!

Twilight Sparkle: Oh, you're right. o.o ....This chapter....where Jack realizes his feelings for Rachel. Out of nowhere. Just days after breaking up with Sally. After they dated nearly a year. =_= I DON'T buy it.

Spike: Might want to save that for when we do get to that part of the story, Twilight!

Rarity: And I of course am back! 8D

Rainbow Dash: Me too! >:3

Fluttershy: Wait so...Jack realizes these completely out-of-place feelings after the last time seeing Rachel being slapped by her?!? This poor confused man needs to come to his senses. :I

Pinkie Pie: Well I'm ready for this! Even if Jack loses his awesome character completely we shall make it through this girls!...and Spike 8D!

AppleJack: Let's get this over with T.T..

Chapter 5: The War Begins | Hypnotized | True Feelings Revealed

Rachel was furious. She had been pacing for many hours now as she grumbled to herself. Her powers had never failed her, so why should they do so now? Maybe it was because Jack was the only who dared to go against her like that. People usually avoided the Enchantress. And that's usually how she liked it. But now she just wanted to be around him, just to know what he was thinking. Maybe he had a time limit to how long he could block her.

Rainbow Dash: THIS is the lead in?! Oh COME ON!!! DX Even I had better reasons to why I started to...um....well I...never mind!!! D///////////X

Fluttershy: *giggles* Dashie, you are so cute when you can't finish your sentences ^^!

AppleJack: Why would she want to read other peoples minds anyways? Doesn’t that become too overwhelming? And doesn't she have any respect for people's privacy? Jack obviously took that dang potion so he could keep his thoughts to himself, and he should have a right to that! Why can't Rachel respect that and not have to know what someone's thinking all the time? D8

Rainbow Dash: Shut it....>///////////////////<!!!!

Twilight Sparkle: That's just it, AppleJack! She slapped him because he took the potion so she couldn't read his mind!! And now she's upset about it! For NO reason!

Spike: It's so mean! D: Even Edward Cullen from Twilight didn't even like reading people's minds most of the time!

Rarity: That HORRID creature!!! .....Actually I almost would rather HE were in this story!! I prefer THAT over this Sue! Especially Bella!

Pinkie Pie: *has a mouthful of muffins* Mmmmmphsorry, mmmphh, was I supposed to say something? *nomnomnomgiantswallow* This is all just sooooo silly! I cannot take this silly author seriously, and it's silly how non-entertaining this story is xD!! And Derpy, you make better muffins than I ever could! ;D

Derpy: Aww, but you make great muffins, Pinkie! :<

Pinkie Pie: *giggles* Awwww, you're just saying that! Nope, usually I screw up muffins because I want to put so much frosting on everything I bake so my muffins always end up being cupcakes! X3 Oh well!

As plans formed as to how she could maneuver around this obstacle, Rachel noticed, in the corner of her eye, a green and brown thing coming in the direction of Halloween Town. She looked up. It was smoke or something. It was in the sky, becoming denser and coming closer. What was it? But when she saw the black that was coming in behind it, she knew immediately.

The war was about to begin.

Fluttershy: This segment isn't entirely making sense. There war is expected to be coming soon anyways, but the only way you tell it's coming is by strange green/brown smoke in the sky? I thought the war was against Vampires and Zombies or something of such! How does this random smoke stuff come into play? And how does that tell Rachel that a war is coming? *sigh*

Twilight Sparkle: Starswirl the Bearded did it. =_=

Pinkie Pie: Starswirl the who..? Oooooh! You're talking about the clown costume you wore last Nightmare Night, Twilight! 83 But how would a clown cause the smoke...@_@?

AppleJack: I think she meant a wizard, Pinkie. *rolls eyes*

Twilight Sparkle: Fine. A wizard did it.

Rainbow Dash: The hay does that mean?!

Twilight Sparkle: It's an expression referring to something improbable, illogical, and even outright ridiculous happening in a story. It's a plot hole, technically, and when this happens, people tend to say a wizard did it with magic.

Pinkie: Such a helpful egghead you are, Twilight ^o^!!! Makes sense to me!

She gasped and ran off of the Spiral Hill, which is where she went after slapping Jack, and ran back to town. Jumping over the gate, she shouted, "They're here!" Jack and a whole lot of other citizens turned. Rachel pointed behind her at the brown and green smoke and the blackness coming their way.

Jack looked at it and gasped. He turned to the citizens, "Get to your homes and stay there. We'll take care of it." There was a lot of fleeing after that. Jack ran off towards the doctor's house. Rachel called after him, but he was already gone. Rachel turned back to the green, brown and black coming their way and took out were sword before heading past the gate again.

Rainbow Dash: I knew it! Sally has NO part in anything! They don't even give her a chance to train or prove herself! And the warriors have been here A FEW DAYS! That would've been plenty of time to get started and build on SOMETHING! But nooooooo!! We can't have ANYONE stronger than STUPID STUPID Rachel! Oh no! Sally has to be the stupid little weakling who does NOTHING!

Fluttershy: It just bothers me that Rachel has to be the only one that notices this out-of-place smoke cloud stuff and is the only one who informs everyone....and you're right Rainbow, Sally, who is not the type of character to stay back and do nothing, is doing exactly that! The author forgets about her completely D':...

Rarity: (Sally) I could help...but that would cut in with my being weak and staying back like a damsel woman who can't do anything time! D:

Pinkie Pie: How unfair, leaving out the movie's led female role like that! The real Sally would have done all she could to help! ;n;

Derpy: It's not fair! Sally would never sit back and watch! She'd do SOMETHING to help!

Spike: Poor Sally. ;_; *Hugs the Sally doll*

AppleJack: This Rachel woman keeps stealin' the spotlight, making sure she does everythin' and is the hero and that everyone is under her...so much of this story has been her lookin' better than everyone else...what a terrible girl 8C. She's the only one who gets to have all these special powers n' senses, and she doesn't work as a team very well it seems. She distances 'erself too much from the other characters and she seems more indifferent about them...she needs to stop making herself more special than everyone else and give others a chance...like Sally fur instance!

The Enchantress noticed how thick the smoke was and how much of the black there was. It was getting bigger and bigger every minute that passed. It didn't scare her because she was used to fighting and not being scared. All her fears had washed away with her life. She knew the smoke was the smell and the sign of zombies and the black was the vampire bats. They were coming and there were lots of them.

They were early…

Twilight Sparkle: She knew all of this HOW? How did she know?! And oh, she's not scared. Wow. I don't buy that.

Pinkie Pie: This makes no sense! And now supposedly all of her fears washed away with her life? What is that supposed to mean?! That makes no sense unless you give an explanation for that! And how is the smoke the smell and sign of zombies? Not buying this! Again, she is the only one to pick up on these things, because she's the all powerful Enchantress! >8C This girl needs to get off her high-pony and get other characters into play to make this more believable! Wasn't she joined with two other comrades also? What about them? DX So many questions!

Spike: Jack joins in, but apparently he doesn't do much. And he's the Pumpkin King!

Twilight Sparkle: Even the events of Oogie's Revenge have happened somehow and yet nothing is done on his part.

Derpy: This is awful! :<

Rainbow Dash: HA! I could beat those zombies and vampires with one hoof tied behind my back! Step aside, Rachel! >8D

Fluttershy: *rolls eyes* Getting ahead of yourself like that is not the best idea, Dashie...

Pinkie Pie: What?!? Jack's the king, he should be the one in control of this situation better, not Rachel! This is his town!

AppleJack: Good point, Twilight. And...uh...you okay, Rarity? I'm sure you think this is as silly as we all do.

Rarity: This is of utmost IMPERTINENCE!! DX I cannot believe she would write such tripe! Oh, when this is over she will surely get the lecture of her life if I ever found her!

Twilight Sparkle: *Pats Rarity* Sorry, Rarity...

Jack rushed into the doctor's lab. Doctor Finklestein turned, "Jack? What's wrong?" Jack explained in a rush, "The war is beginning, so I need to Soul Robber back! Is it finished?" The doctor nodded, "Yes, I tweaked it and it should work. But you must get used to it. I don't know if you should fight until you are used to its new abilities."

Jack frowned and took the Soul Robber from the doctor. "No time!" He said as the Soul Robber gripped onto his arm, "I have to go!" He bowed his thanks and ran out of the room, down the ramp, and out of the doctor's house. He headed out of the gate and immediately, he was faced with a zombie.

AppleJack: How is it that Halloween Town was raided so easily? Doesn't there town have any protection or traps made up or anything planned out? It just seems like the enemies just waltzed into town without any obstacles or anything. T_T I thought they were preparing for a war.

Rarity: And no mention of Sally! Not even to tell the Doctor to make sure she's safe! UNBELIEVABLE! Ignoring her and getting wrongfully annoyed with her as though she were an inconvenience is one thing...but this?! Well I NEVER! That's just horrid! How dare he just ignore her completely! I see it now, he doesn't care about her! Oh no, he broke up with her, found a new love, and now she's not his responsibility!

Fluttershy: The only reason Halloween Town was full of so many enemies in Oogie's Revenge is because the town was tricked, but this is inexcusable! They have people here with expertise and planning, they should have had something at least planned out better, even if they did come early!

Pinkie Pie: You're absolutely right, Rarity! No one cares about Sally anymore! It's a shame, I tell you! 8'C

Twilight Sparkle: You guys are all right. =_= It makes no sense for the town to be invaded by monsters from the outside, and Jack not even mentioning something along the lines of making sure Sally is safe are both ridiculous. Not as if this entire story of a WAR isn't stupid enough.

Not even bothering to use the Soul Robber, he punched the zombie in the face. "You're a little early, buddy! Why don't you come back in a few weeks?" The zombie moaned in response. Jack sighed, blocked the lousy punch aimed at his chest from the zombie, and delivered and punch and kick that severed the zombie's head and knocked him to the ground.

He stepped on the zombie's head and crushed his brain, ending the zombie's afterlife. "I can't believe I just did that…" Jack sighed. He looked up, gasped, and blocked a vampire just in time before it could hit him in the spine. Jack looked around quickly as he faced his current opponent and saw the three recruits facing off both zombies and vampires at the same time.

Rainbow Dash: Jack used PHYSICAL strength?! We've never seen him do that! In the movie he dodged everything Oogie threw at him, in ways I swear were subconsciously trying to impress Sally...heh heh...and then in the game he had Soul Robber, his Sandy Claws form and his Pumpkin King form! He never used physical violence!!! Just Soul Robber, his own movements, gift pranks, and fire!!!

Fluttershy: *gasps in horror* This....This not how Jack would fight! This doesn't sit well at all! Again, his persona is ALL WRONG! This mischaracterization hurts!!! You Rachel.....I HATE YOU DX!!!

Rainbow Dash: D: Fluttershy!! *Huggles her* How dare she make you so mad....*Strokes her mane*

Fluttershy: *whimpers* This author is terrible, Rainbow...just terrible...

Pinkie Pie: Jack has the improved Soul Robber now! That is his weapon! He does not fight like that, crushing brains and punching! D8

NintendoGal55: Spike: And ZOMBIES? Great, now we have Left 4 Dead, Resident Evil, and Dead Rising!

AppleJack: And uh, aren't there the four vampire brothers who're town citizens?!? Now they're supposedly town enemies now for all we know since the Halloween Town citizens are going to be attacking other highly accented vampires! X3 You could at least make the opposing side the army of Cullens and defeat them! That would be interestin' to see them defeated with Soul Robber!

Twilight Sparkle: Oh yes, that would be neat! 8D But that does bring a good point, AppleJack. Unless the coven of the vampire brothers are separate from the rest, then yes, why ARE vampires attacking??

Rachel was currently hacking at a zombie and vampire, smashing their heads against each other. The vampire muttered before he fell unconscious to the ground, "I vont to suck your blood." Rachel sighed, "Whatever, Mr. Pathetic." She kicked him in the face.

AppleJack:...Exactly T_T.

Vorgan was currently punching and kicking-in the faces of his opponents. He moved very fast for being so big. "C'mon, who want more?" He shouted at a new group of zombies. After taking out each head of the group with one swing of his arm, he began smashing their brains. "Ha! You not so tough!"

Spike: I knew it! Just because he's a big guy with muscles, I knew he would be the typical muscle guy with no brains!

Twilight Sparkle: That's just insulting. Not even Zecora is at that level! She's still a great character despite being a Zebra and a nod to the African cultures!

Pinkie Pie: Why is Vorgan such a stereotypical giant fighting man who can't speak full sentences? This is insulting!

Rainbow Dash: Lemme at her lemme at her!!! *Tries to fly off but is held back by Fluttershy*

Fluttershy: *pins down her wings* Now Rainbow, we both now that fighting her will make it worse. That isn't how ponies are and we have to give out love and tolerance, not violence, okay? Now don't make me give you 'the stare', you sweet little pony ^o^~! I know you mean well...it's going to be okay :3.

Rainbow Dash: >.< Do you ALWAYS have to use that against me?! DX

Fluttershy: Of course ^v^! *giggles* And look, it worked. *pats her head* We'll make it through this :3.

Damon was currently using his arrows from the air. He wasn't as tough as Rachel and Vorgan. In fact, if he was hit too hard, he would probably go down instantly. From the sky, he knew it was harder and probably impossible for the zombies to get him. But he still had the vampires to worry about. Fortunately, they were clueless as bats, so if they turned into bats to meet him, they would just fly lazily around him and he would shoot them down.

Rachel looked ahead as soon as she was done with the last of the zombies and vampires coming her way. Ahead she could see two dark and very tall figures. Taking a closer look, she saw the skin on the one to the left was green with patches of brown. The other one had very pale skin, blood red eyes, and black hair and attire.

Twilight Sparkle: O.O Aro?

AppleJack: XD!!! I think it's funny also that she's describing these things in the midst of a stupid war that fits nothing about The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Pinkie Pie: This is all boooorrrring! =_=

Rainbow Dash: Who wants to bet that Jinney is going to be just like any so-called "strong" female character? She trains and shows off her skills for no reason that prove nothing, and then when danger strikes, she somehow needs to be saved by the main hero?

Fluttershy: And that is exactly why she proves to be a horrible writer. And that's only one reason out of the many! That makes sense, Rainbow. *nods*

Rarity: And to think I could hold my own against the Diamond Dogs when they kidnapped me! And I'm just a unicorn who can hone basic types of magic!

Twilight Sparkle: At least Sally not only TRIED to save the day, but we also see how her skills not only work to the plot and her motives! When she failed, yes, it was a shame and she needed saving, but at least she tried and we could understand why she failed!

AppleJack: And Sally was never trying to make herself look better than anyone! She tried her best, and that's what mattered most, even if she failed. It added a lot more to the story and by doing what she did and Sally proved to be a better female lead character than this 'Enchantress' with multiple powers over everyone ever could be.

Spike: She did it because she wanted to help! She risked her life for Jack so he'd be safe, so that Santa would be okay and that Christmas wouldn't be anymore of a mess! Hey, if what she didn't wasn't love, I don't know what it is!

Rainbow Dash: Guess I can't argue with you there...>////.////<

Fluttershy: You're absolutely right, Spike! Sally did all she did out of love, not to be better than anyone and gain power and show off!.....*giggles* Rainbow, your face is as red as a cherry! X3

Rainbow Dash: No it isn't!!! >//////////////<

Fluttershy: *rolls eyes* You're right, it's not as red as a cherry....it's as red as a tomato! X//3 Maybe I should call you 'tomato face' now? X//D

Rainbow Dash: D///////X No fair....

Fluttershy: Oh! O//O Okay, I won't then! Sorry! Back to this story! *eep*

Rainbow Dash: O.O .... :< ....Um...you can...if you want...>///////>

All: 8D Awwww!

Fluttershy: It's okay! like calling you Dashie better! My cutesy-wutsey ittle-wittle mushy-wushy Dashie! >////w////<

Pinkie Pie: *eats another muffin* You two are so silly! *giggles*

Rainbow Dash: >//////////////////< *Grumbles*