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This had been my first rant video on YouTube, under my NintendoGal55 channel. What I mostly do there is do little retrospectives of movies or games I love. At times I review movies/games/shows/books when I have meaningful things to talk about, but nothing that I'd make a full-on retrospective about.

Right here is my first one ever, and it is me ranting about how the pairing of Jack Skellington (from The Nightmare Before Christmas) and Emily (from Corpse Bride) would NOT work. I don't support nor like the pairing, and I wanted to talk about reasons why. Mostly from a canon perspective, of course, it isn't just about my own opinion.

In short, Jack and Emily just wouldn't work as a pairing. Anything that would make it work would be nothing but fanon. Anything "canon" doesn't hold water, especially in the fact that they are not from the same movie, let alone universe.

Honestly, I'm just sick of it. The reasonings the fans of the pair have had...REALLY pissed me off. COMPLETELY. Especially when one fan said that Jack was "too good for Sally" (they favoured Jack and Emily). That made me facepalm.

You gotta love that. Oh yes, Emily, who by no canon standards has ever done anything to prove she is perfect for Jack. Sally isn't good enough for him, apparently. After all she did for him in the movie. WOW.

Anyway, you can see the video for more of my ranting.