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Coming Soon - An Epic Spitefic

You read the title right. There is...an EPIC spitefic coming out soon. A collaboration between myself and sos_sporkers, in fact. Coming from sporking a fanfiction.

Okay, so our sporking of this isn't even posted yet. That's...mostly because the rest of our Death Note sporking, the one we currently have ongoing on the das_sporking community, is kind of up in the air.

Although, we DO also have a Twilight fanfiction sporking as well. But let me tell you, it's draining. And the Sue? She is actually WORSE than Bella. But, we're not here to talk about that.

SOS and I are currently sporking a Nightmare Before Christmas fanfiction together. I was hunting for a bad one, I found a pretty sucky one, and so I pitched it to her and requested that she spork it with me. She agreed, and we began to spork it! We'll have it up on the community soon, just as soon as we finish.

Along the way, we came up with an idea for a spitefic. Which, as you will see in later chapters of our sporking, we have discussed along the way. Some of the things we've said in them, are actually 100% real, right on the spot.

Surprisingly, it's not only managed to fit mostly with the Suethor's Canon, managed to make sporking the story even easier, but also justified a lot of things! So yes, we wear our Spite Fic Canon goggles... But it really works because honestly? ANYTHING is fair game. The story is written so badly, that everything is underdeveloped, unexplained, and so short, so rushed, that you really can mold it into almost anything!

It's part of why it works out! We can fill in the blanks with just the right stuff, and it barely, if at all, changes the original canon of the Suethor. Who was honestly raping the canon in the first place.

So like I said, we're writing an epic spitefic for it. The actual story we are sporking is called Princess of Shadows. The story is about a girl named Ariel Bloom, who turns out to be the (reincarnation???) of the long lost Princess of Shadows. She ends up in Halloween Town, she and Jack fall in love, she takes some tests, and they get married. ...That's all there is to it.

Our spite fic...

It'll be called: Shadows of Suffering: Longing and Dreams. Yes, that's a long title, but it really fits to what we'll be making it all about.

So yes, it's a spitefic, and some areas MAY have some comedic and parody undertones (ESPECIALLY the endings), we do still plan to make it a very serious and coherent story.

It'll be sad, angsty, somewhat dark, and compelling.

So, I won't give TOO much away, but once you see our sporking, you'll get an idea of what's going on and what it may all be about.

Oh yes, and the Suefic? Of course the Suethor pairs her Sue with Jack.

There WILL be that in our spitefic. But...

It will be Jack and Sally who end up together in the end. At least, in our story, they will. ;)

That's all I shall say for now.

So, we hope you'll enjoy it!

sos_sporkers and I will be writing various parts of the story, and we'll be posting them here on our respective LiveJournal accounts, complete with links to each other's works. We'll even make a Table of Contents for each segment, don't you worry.

If you have any further questions, we're standing by!