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The Nightmare War-Chapter 4

On a quick note, this story is actually almost over. And we also created fun alternate scenarios, acted out by the ponies. :D Enjoy!

Twilight Sparkle: Here we are! *Levitates the story* Oh boy...this won't be pretty at all.

Chapter 4: The Potion | SLAP | An Unknown Secret

Jack ran over to Doctor Finkelstein's house and knocked on the door, hoping with everything he had that Sally wasn't there to answer the door.

Rainbow Dash: (Jack) Oh, I better not see my ex-girlfriend who is 20% cooler than the Sue EVER could be! This is the worst possible thing ever to happen!

AppleJack: Now stop right there, mister. How disrespectful hoping to miss out on someone who'd done so much for ya....

Pinkie Pie: I don't like how this is starting out already...it's very unsettling 8C. DerpymayIhaveanothermuffinpleeeaaase? 8'C

Derpy: *Gives her a muffin* Sure! :3

Twilight Sparkle: I cannot believe this. What's going on here? Ever since they broke up, Sally has all but stayed OUT of his way.

Pinkie Pie: MmpghghthanksDerpymmmmph!!!

Fluttershy: This is so unlike Jack to be ignoring people like this...and especially his dearest friend :<...

mall footsteps could be heard coming. Jack sighed angrily until he heard the old voice of the doctor interrupt the footsteps. "Sally, I'll get it. You get back to work." Jack smiled as the door opened.

Spike: Say what?!?!? D: Why is he mad?! He's got no reason to be mad at her! She's just answering the door!

Rarity: How rude! Sally is still a lady and deserves to be treated as such! I would think that Jack would STILL be a gentleman to Sally even if they were not romantically involved! How RUDE! He is a King! Not like that dastardly Prince Blueblood!

AppleJack: Why Jinney, you piece of rotten apple pie!! >8C Why are you writin' Jack to be like this? It's WRONG! Yur takin' away all of Jack's gentlemanly qualities that the fans originally loved about him!

Fluttershy: Canon Jack would NEVER do this. I hate the way Jinney is mischaracterizing Jack in such awful ways! I really don't like this at all so far *whimpers*....

Pinkie Pie: Jack, you are losing my respect in this story! How dare you ignore Sally like that, you meanie D8< !!

Twilight Sparkle: I can't believe he's angry like that. He's acting like seeing her and her answering the door is an annoying inconvenience. But she hasn't done anything to or around him to warrant such a thing. They might be broken up, but I thought they were going to be friends.

Derpy: It's so mean and out of character! Jinney is using him as a puppet for her thoughts and fantasies!!

"Oh, Jack. How may I help you?" Jack was about to speak when he realized something, "May I come in. I need to speak to you in private." The doctor moved aside, allowing Jack to walk in. They walked up the ramp, and Jack made sure not to make eye contact with the ragdoll below.

Rainbow Dash: HEY! HEY! You're such a jerk!! How DARE you not talk to Sally!!

Rarity: (Sally) JACK! Well, I NEVER! D:< How dare you ignore me like this! What have I ever done to you?! This is absolute cruelty! If you're going to be like that, I will not stand for it, you cad! If I did something, you tell me at once!

Pinkie Pie: Oh so all Sally is to Jack now is 'the ragdoll'?!?!? WHAT THE HAY HAPPENED HERE D'8<

Fluttershy: They once had such a beautiful relationship and then they broke up for again, NO REASON, and now Jack ignores her completely! So much for being a gentleman, or friend for that matter, Jack! >8C

Twilight Sparkle: Then Jinney LIED to us about them being friends. She has no intention of making them friends, does she?

Spike: Sure doesn't look like it.

When they reached the lab, the doctor turned to Jack, "Now, what's this about?" Jack began to explain, "As you may or may not know, Rachel Terrera, one of the newcomers in Halloween Town, has the ability to read minds. I have a plan that will require that I get the ability to block her mind reading skills. Or I can turn it off and on at will. Can you help me?" The doctor stared up at the skeleton for a moment before his duck-like mouth curved into an evil-looking grin. "I may have just the thing. Come with me."

AppleJack: What in tarnations is goin' on here?! Why is Jack being such a terrible friend to everyone and why is that darn doctor smilin' evilly? I am not enjoyin' this story so far, that is fur' certain. >:I

Rainbow Dash: She can read minds? Oh PLEASE! A cheap and useless cop out that I bet amounts to nothing, does it? HA!

Twilight Sparkle: That pretty much what it amounts to, I'm afraid. :< A cheap cop out.

Derpy: It's a waste of an interesting plot point!

Pinkie Pie: This is all proving to be verrrrry bothersome. *eats another muffin*

Meanwhile, Rachel Terrera was walking around town with Damon Gothen. They were both admiring the scenes around them since this was the first chance they got to explore the town. Being that they were usually cooped up in The Extra Realm's Nightmare Base, they didn't get to see much of the rest of the world.

Twilight Sparkle: What is this?! We abruptly cut to her with no indication or cut off point?! Well, this had better be good.

Spike: Actually, it's pointless, Twilight.

Rainbow Dash: Just 'cause she can't spend ANY second out of the spotlight!

AppleJack: This silly filly needs ta' learn how ta' write. Unless of course she intended to disappoint her readers...*sigh*

Fluttershy: So....um, if you'll excuse me, is this going anywhere yet? This still isn't flowing well yet.

Pinkie Pie: Yeah...it's all bleeeeh and not enough wow, that was actually nice and refreshing to read! T_T She just wants the spotlight. You're totally right saying that, Dashie.

"Nice town, right Rachel?" Damon asked his companion. Rachel nodded without a word. Damon looked at her, "You know, it is times like these where I wish I had your mind-reading power. What are you thinking?" Rachel turned to him, "I'm thinking about the upcoming battle. It seems far away in time from now, but I know it isn't. It's strange. Time is strange."

Damon laughed, "You're strange too." Rachel smirked, "Yes, I am."

Rarity: And after, it goes right over to Jack. What in all of Equestria was the point?! Why, I've never had my time more wasted! This was completely and utterly pointless!

AppleJack: Mighty sorry Rarity, but these next two chapters are all goin' to be a waste a' time.

Jack took the vial containing a purple liquid from the doctor. "So this will do what?" He asked. "It will give you the power to block her from your mind whenever you want your thoughts to be kept secret. If you keep the block too long, however, you'll begin to get a headache. An hour and twenty minutes is the max for now. I'll work to make it longer."

Jack nodded his thanks and drank down the liquid in one gulp. He blinked once before closing his eye-sockets as he coughed. After seven coughs, he stood up straight as he felt the control over the block form. "Wow…" He mumbled. He turned to the doctor, "Thank you Doctor Finklestein. This is brilliant."

Twilight Sparkle: *Frowns, and then flips through a few books* I think that trying to somehow control your mind from being read would be a LOT more complicated...but then again I work through magic, not potions...

Pinkie Pie: T_T As if anything in this story is remotely believable...*groan*

Spike: Man, this is dull! *Groans*

Rainbow Dash: You're telling me! I'm bored!! *Looks at Fluttershy* O.O ....>:3 *Snuggles her* C'mere, you! >w<

Fluttershy: O///O Rainbow, what are you doing?! *squirms*

Pinkie Pie: *goes into a giggle fit* Heeeheehee, you two are a hoot! xD

Rainbow Dash: You know you want some comfort cuddles! >:3

Fluttershy: ...*tries to respond but her voice is too lost in mumbles*

Pinkie Pie: x3 Sillies! Derpy, are those muffins you're baking almost done? ^o^

Derpy: Almost! 83

The doctor waved it off. "Anything else?" Jack thought for a moment. A random image popped into his head: Rachel with her sword. Jack smiled as an idea formed, "Do you think you could make it so that the Soul Robber can morph into different weapons?" The doctor smiled and nodded, "That'll take time though. I'll get right on it. Come back tomorrow." Jack smiled brightly, "Thank you, doctor!"

Pinkie Pie: Good to hear, Derpy! I know I'm ready for some more ^^. Anyways...can't Soul Robber already transform into a different weapon or something like that? o.o Like a spiked mace or something?

Rainbow Dash: (Jack) Notice how I also didn't ONCE bring up my ex-girlfriend?! Oh yes, even though I'm the guy who DATED her and then DUMPED her, seems that the Doc doesn't care! Hahahaha! Even though he's like her father! Yeah! I can get away with it, I AM THE KING!!

Rarity: (Sally) STILL ignoring me?! Well then! I NEVER! Hmph!!

Twilight Sparkle: ...Um, Rarity? Sally doesn't talk like that.

Rarity: I think it may be time that she should! She is clearly getting the short end of this horrid fashion debacle!

Derpy: Can't argue with that....O.O

AppleJack: Rainbow Dash, that's not how Jack talks! It's more like "Ima skel'ton who sings n' scares people 'cause I'm the master of all thins' creepy and scary an' I mighty sure do like Christmas!" *nods head in approval of herself*

Fluttershy: T_T''

Rainbow Dash: I know that! But he's out of character, so why should I extend that same feeling? NOPE!

Spike: Does ANYTHING happen in this chapter?

Derpy: Rachel the meanie head SLAPS Jack! D:

Jack left after that. When Jack got outside the doctor's gate, he immediately bumped into Rachel and Damon, who had their backs facing him but turned when he ran into them. "Whoops! Sorry about that! I should really watch where I'm going." Rachel turned and eyed him. "No one has ever been able to bump into me before because if they get close, I can hear their thoughts. But now, I hear nothing."


Jack held back a smile, "Well, sorry but I can't help you with that. It's not my fault your powers are failing you." The Enchantress's anger flared, "MY POWERS NEVER FAIL!" Jack's calm expression didn't falter even though a huge gust of wind blew in his face. He smiled, "Well then, what other word can I use?" Rachel stood up straighter even though she already was pretty straight and looked him in the eye sockets. She was about two to four inches shorter than him.

"You did something to your head…I know it! My powers have never stopped working ever since I died! WHAT. DID. YOU. DO!" Jack smiled, "I made a minor adjustment. That's all. It was why I was at the doctor's house. He gave me a special potion to block your power. You can no longer read into my thoughts." The girl before him gasped angrily and moved so fast, Jack didn't know what happened until it hit him.


Twilight: .....

Rainbow Dash: DID YOU SEE THAT?!?! She hit him for NO REASON! It's not as if he SAID something so mean and insulting! Oh BOO-HOO, you stupid Sue!! GET OVER YOURSELF!

Fluttershy: What is WITH HER?! She has some serious issues hitting people like that, for no reason at all other than she was angry that she couldn't read his thoughts! What a horrible future marefriend!! D:<

Pinkie Pie: *steam coming out her ears* UUUUUGGGGHH!!! HOW DARE SHE!!! D8<

AppleJack: What an abusive girl! These two are horrible with each other! This is a very good example of what doesn' make a good couple!!!

Fluttershy: Jack? Don't you see what you gave up on? Sally would NEVER do this to you! *sobs*

Derpy: :< Poor Jack...*Hands out muffins to everypony*

Spike: That's so mean of her! I can't believe it! Sally would NEVER hit him!

Twilight: That's just it, Spike! She never would!

Rainbow Dash: .....>.< *Pats Fluttershy* Oh, come on now...don't cry....

Pinkie Pie: Oooh hot muffins!!! Thanks, Derpster!!!

Fluttershy: *sniffle* Thanks, Rainbow...I just don't know where the love is in this story ;n;...

Jack staggered backwards as his left hand moved to his left cheek. His eye-sockets were wide and his mouth was open from shock. No one had ever slapped him before. Not since he'd died anyway. Oogie Boogie had tried probably, but that was a different story. This girl had literally crossed that line and slapped him across the face.

There were several gasps from behind Rachel, and the warlock next to Rachel had joined in and gasped as well. He knew Rachel was violent, but she had never struck anyone on the side of goodness unless it was in training. But this wasn't training. No, this was bad…

Spike: So it proves that Sally never slapped him!

Twilight Sparkle: I'm almost surprised Jinney didn't make it that Sally WAS abusive. =_=

Pinkie Pie: Of course this is bad, slapping the king of a holiday for no reason at all just from not having your way! D8

Fluttershy: It's almost a good thing Sally is ignored in this story, who knows what Rachel would have characterized her as :<...

Rarity: She is trying to create issues that they have to "work" for their love...but this clearly is not the way to do it at all!

AppleJack: I don' see no love between these folks, not at all.

Spike: I'm just a baby dragon and I know that there's no love!

Twilight Sparkle: You're right about that, AppleJack.

Derpy: Poor Sally... You're right, Fluttershy. :< *Eats muffin*

Pinkie Pie: *eats another muffin with Derpy* Well, at least these muffins are making me feel better! What kind are they, Derpy :3?

Derpy: Blueberry! :3

Pinkie Pie: They're delicious ^o^!

Derpy: Thank you! <3

All: Mm-hmm! ^w^ *Eats muffins*

Damon took a step away from Rachel. He had noticed her whole demeanor and appearance had changed. Her whole body, which was originally covered in blue and black, now, had red instead of blue. Even her eyes were a blazing red. Her hands were clenched into fists and a fire began to burn around each hand. Damon knew this was the right moment to stay out of her way.

Quick footsteps could be heard coming up behind Rachel. They turned as the Mayor came into view, "Miss, how dare you slap the Pumpkin King! Apologize at once and then come with me! I need to have a word with you about manners!" Rachel turned to face him fully and glared defiantly down at him. He shrunk as she spoke, "Bite me!" With that, she blasted into the air and streaked over to the graveyard.

Fluttershy: Umm...this girl clearly has quite a few anger problems...and how exactly does this make her the perfect match for Jack that we're supposed to love?

Rainbow Dash: Oh, how rich! SHE is clearly IN THE WRONG and yet SHE has the gull to be all defiant?! Hey, I may be a bit defiant but even I'm not like her!

Twilight Sparkle: This is unbelievable! And frankly, Fluttershy, even I can't answer that. AT ALL.

Pinkie Pie: It looks like the Mayor is the only one with decency around here...and he's a background character! Does Jack take any initiative at ALL?

Rainbow Dash: 'Course not! He's her lapdog!

Rarity: This is utmost ridiculous! I will not have it!

Spike: I'm a guy, and I wouldn't let a woman hit me for no reason! I don't hit girls, but if she hit me when I did nothing wrong to her or anyone, oh no, all bets are off!

Twilight Sparkle: I understand, Spike. :3 Now then, let's finish this chapter, and we'll get to our fun.

Jack, who had watched her the entire time, knew he should've felt angry at her for slapping him. But all he was able to feel from their recent encounter was pity. She had so much anger in her, and she couldn't control it or let it go. It was sad really. There was something about her that she was hiding, though. That much he could tell. And it wasn't something that had already been brought up, like her age. It was something much bigger than that. But what?

Little did he know what would be coming soon enough…

AppleJack: Jack, why in tarnation are you letting this broad abuse you? Her anger issues aren't charmin', and she don' deserve your pity! Don' let her manipulate you, ya' bonehead!

Rainbow Dash: Seriously! She makes ME look like Princess Celestia!

Derpy: She's so mean! It's not endearing or charming! Why do we have to like her more than Sally?! I don't understand!

Spike: Me neither! Well frankly, this only makes me like Sally more! *Hugs a Sally doll*

Pinkie Pie: Sally is the only one I pity in this story, and if Jack wasn't characterized as such a numbskull in this author's works, he'd care about Sally too! 8<

Rainbow Dash: Eh, Fluttershy? Aren't you going to say anything? O.o

Fluttershy: Oh! Sorry...I'm just silently agreeing with all of you and this is all pretty overwhelming so...I'll just stay over here in the corner admiring how cutesy-wutsey it is when Spike cuddles the Sally doll like that...*giggles sheepishly*

Rainbow Dash: XD That's my filly! <3

Twilight: So, are we all ready?

Rarity: I must be Sally! And worry not, I can be just like her! Watch now! *Deep breath, then speaks in a soft voice* I had the most terrible vision!

Fluttershy: That was lovely, Rarity! ^^

Rarity: Oh, thank you, darling! 8D Now then, who shall participate? OwO Don't be shy now! ^w^

AppleJack: I'll do it! Jack's in ma name! Here, I'll try- Kidnap the Sandy Claws, la de da de da!

Pinkie Pie: X3 It's okay, AJ! I'll be the King of Halloween! You made a good trick-or-treating trio, though ^o^!

AppleJack: Sorry, Pinkie ^^'...I don' really know the movie that well yet!

Pinkie Pie: It's A-okay, AJ! :3

Rainbow Dash: And I'll be Rachel! >83

Twilight: Go ahead, you guys!

Rarity: Of course! Now then, setting! Sally is alone, on Spiral Hill, sewing...because I do love to sew! And she's all sad. :<

Fluttershy: *gasps* Why is she sad?

Rarity: :< She has but plenty of reasons to be sad, the poor young lady! And I shall give it my all! *Puts on a sad face* Now then, Pinkie Pie, moments later Jack must show! 8D

Pinkie Pie: Okey dokey lokey Rarity! I'll be ready ^^!

Awwww, that is true, Rarity...I just wasn't sure what scenario we were all going with, that's all ^^.

Rarity: You'll see, my dear! ^w^

Rarity: (Sally) I knew it....even after a few days....he's attached somehow. He must love her. ....No wonder he ignores me. :<

Pinkie Pie: *puts on her serious face* (Jack) *notices Sally and stands confused at the bottom of the hill* Sally...? Are you okay? If...If you'd rather be alone, I'll leave...*notices that she looks sad* But I do...want to talk with you, Sally...*frowns*

Rarity: (Sally) .....No. I have nothing to say to you... *Shakes head, not even looking at him* Please, just go.

Pinkie Pie: (Jack) *almost turns to leave to give her her space, but his heart decides against it, not knowing when the next opportunity to talk with her alone might be* Sally...I'm sorry that you'd rather me not be here with you...and I understand this, but I really do need to talk with you. I can't put this off anymore :C...*slowly and hesitantly starts to ascend the hill*

Rarity: (Sally) Really. Well Jack...I won't beat around the bush this time. You've been ignoring me. Don't think I haven't noticed. I even heard an angry sigh when you knew I was coming to open the door that day. Well, if you're that upset by my presence ruining your...intentions with her, well, excuse me. You made it very clear you don't want anything to do with me, or be my friend.

Pinkie Pie: (Jack) *stops in his ascending, struck by her words and hurt, but realizes that they are true* :C Sally, I am coming here to apologize to you...please, I need to talk with you. I was wrong to ignore you like that, and ignoring each other won't make anything better. And...I'm sorry I've failed at being your friend, Sally. *looks up to her form sadly* You're absolutely right, and I feel awful about treating you so badly. I've been realizing how much of a...complete and utter fool I've been lately, and I need you to know I'm sorry about that. I'm not asking for your forgiveness, Sally, I just want you to know that I'm sorry...about everything. All of this. *hangs skull in shame* I don't know what’s wrong with me, Sally, being this way to you...I'm sorry I couldn't be the friend you needed. *understands that Sally wants to be alone right now and that she's aloud to be and sadly turns away to leave*

Rainbow Dash: Aw man! Don't start making me cry!!

Twilight: It's so sad... :<

Spike: Aww.... :<

Derpy: ;_;

Fluttershy: *sobs quietly into Dash's shoulder*

AppleJack: *sniffle*

Rainbow Dash: Aw, no! No! Now you're gonna make me cry too! ...... :< *Snuggles Fluttershy*

Rarity: (Sally) ....*Starts sobbing softly* Jack.....wait...please.....don't go...*Sobs*

Pinkie Pie: *sniffle* Get it together, Pinkie...*deep breath* (Jack) I...*turns around and looks to her to see her crying* Sally...*is hurt by her tears* Sally...I...Oh, Sally, don't cry :'C...*starts to re-ascend the hill, having a sudden need to comfort her*

Rarity: ;_; *Sniffles* Oh dear... *Breathes* (Sally) Don't go....don't leave me again...*Sobs*

Pinkie Pie: *snifflesnifflesniffle* 8'C (Jack) *slowly sits down next to her and gazes at her in sadness, his voice cracking a little* ..Oh Sally....*hesitantly draws her into a gentle embrace* ...I'm so, so sorry....*sniffle*

AppleJack: *cries into her hat* D'x

Rainbow Dash: *Hiding her face in Fluttershy's mane*

Fluttershy: *cuddles more into Rainbow Dash's legs, sobbing*

Rarity: (Sally) Why did you ignore me? ....What did I do...? *Sobs, trying to squirm away out of fear, but then hugs him tightly and cries into his chest*

Spike: D-Didn't he...apologize? ;_;

Twilight: Well, I imagine she'd be very upset and not quite thinking clearly...

Pinkie Pie: (Jack) *feels her sadness and pain and hugs her back tightly, not letting go* Sally, it wasn't you....I...I was being senseless and blind... horrible...I can't believe myself...What have I done, Sally......What made me hurt you like this....it hurts...too much.....*is now gently rocking her* It's not your fault, Sally...it was never your fault....I'm such a fool, Sally....Why...Why couldn't I see that until now...X'C Why did I ever hurt you like this...*holds her silently for a few moments, his skull buried in her hair*

Rarity: (Sally) *Sniffles, sobbing softly, calming down* Just don't leave me...if you don't want to be with me, I-I'm fine by that...I just want to be your friend...please don't ignore me...it hurts...

Pinkie Pie: (Jack) *pulls back from the embrace to look to her, a deep frown still on his skull* I don't want to leave you, Sally...and...and I'm sorry if this isn't what you wanted to hear, but...I...I do want to be with you. I promise you. Even if you don't want to give me another chance, and I can't say I'm very deserving of one, I want you to know that. Everyday I've thought about you and, I couldn't bring myself to talk to you until just now, me being a complete coward...And I wasn't there for you when you needed a friend...and you were treated nothing like the way you deserve to be treated...I can't believe I let myself forget about how much you truly mean to me, Sally...I had never felt so complete as I did when I was with you. *sniffle*

Sally, I would be more of a fool than I've been thus far not to want to be with you...you're worth every chance to be with you. And Sally, I can sincerely tell you that I haven't been myself lately, at all...You've always been my dearest friend, nobody else...and somehow I forgot that...and then I went and hurt you by ignoring you....I have no idea why doing such a thing would ever go through my mind. I just want to be there for you, Sally...You deserve a friend who is willing to do that much...and I want to do that for you. I want to be there for you, making sure that I prove to you how much you mean to me.

*sniffles and hugs her tightly again* I don't want to leave you ever again, Sally...and I don't ever want to hurt you. I…I was so lost without you…I felt so empty, so un-balanced…And Rachel *cringes*…she made it all feel so much worse. Sally, you where the only one who ever completed me…

AppleJack: *looks to Derpy* Sugarcube, can I have one of those delicious lookin' muffins? There's only two left and I was hoping I could have one before they're all gone...;v;?

Derpy: Of course, AppleJack! 8D *Gives them to her* I'll just make more!

AppleJack: Aww, thanks sweetcheeks! ^^...I wish the sceptical folks would recognize more what a sweet lil' mare ya' are! I'm sure glad yur my friend, Derpy :3. *ruffles her mane*

Derpy: Awwww! >/////w////< Thanks, AppleJack! 8'D

AppleJack: Yur mighty welcome!

All: <3<3<3 :'3

Rarity: (Sally) Jack...*Sniffles* I forgive you.... I was foolish myself. I should have been assertive and let you know how I felt about everything. That Rachel woman...she hit you! D: How could you let that happen! You...you were a fool! A fool to let her push you around! And for what? She isn't worth it...she doesn't deserve you! Ever! ...I thought you were better than that....what happened to you? Do you really not know? I want to be your friend again, but can I trust you? *Sniffle* Please, Jack....I can't take this anymore. I just want to be friends....even if you don't love me any longer. But I can't depend on you, I need to be strong. Look at me! I've reduced to....this! I should be stronger than this.

But instead I just...run to you like a scared little girl when I'm lonely. What kind of woman am I? *Sniffle* Can I trust you, Jack? ....Can I trust you? I've had my heart broken, my dreams shattered, and you ignored me...I want to trust you, but I need to know I can.... I love you, but I want to know I can....

Pinkie Pie: (Jack) *is taken aback completely*...I...I-I...I...I want to be there for you, Sally! Can't you see that? I honestly want to be with you, and to be your friend!...And if you can't trust me right now, I understand. But I will do everything I can to earn your trust again, and I will become a stronger person. I was wrong, Sally. So, so, so wrong...to ever be with someone so horrid as Rachel...and I was wrong most of all to break your heart.

I have no excuse to why I've been the way I have lately, hurting you...I have no answers to what would ever make me stoop so low as to leave you....for no reason, even...and then affiliate myself with that so called woman Rachel, who has ruined so much of who I used to be....I hate who I've become, Sally, and I want to change. To be the one whom you could call your friend, and trust, and empathize with, and laugh with, to hold dear….

…Sally, how can you say such things? You’re so much stronger than I ever was! Just look at me, Sally…I…I ruined everything for you…and ignored you and hurt you and then I let this horrible, horrible creature manipulate my life. *shakes skull in utter shame* And I let her hurt everyone….what kind of king am I, what kind of friend am I?!? I am sick of this madness. I promise you and the town to turn everything around again, having it back to the way it used to be…

I miss that so much…the days when it was just you and me, and I don’t ever remember being happier…*a few tears fall from his eye sockets* How can you forgive me, Sally….I don’t deserve your love at all….and…I wish you wouldn’t be afraid of running to me when you’re lonely, Sally…I just want to be there for you, to be the friend you deserve to have. You are independent, and strong, but you need someone who you can count on to be a true friend. And that is all I want to be for you now, more than anything else, is your true friend.

Please believe me, Sally. I hated myself for leaving you; it was by far the biggest mistake ever made on my part. And you’re completely right, Rachel isn’t worth it at all…I’m sorry you had to see that, her hitting me…I should not have stood for it. She hasn’t proved to be a friend to me at all…Oh Sally, I don’t deserve you…I love you so much, but I don’t deserve you at all…

Rarity: And in response, all the enraptured, awestruck rag doll could possibly do was to bring her arms around his thin frame.... She whispered so softly that she forgave him, and then sealed it with a kiss! A kiss so sweeping and full of wondrous love! She bestowed a kiss upon him to tell him so! She loved him and would let him prove he could love her again! There was the chance to get him back, and never would she let it slip! She kissed him with all she had, never letting go, with just kiss after kiss after kiss!!

Pinkie Pie: Jack was completely taken aback by this sudden unexpected response from Sally, he almost fell over! But of course inevitably he was putty in Sally's loving grasp and kissed her back with all he had, saying to her everything he felt he couldn't with words. Words? Who needed 'em anymore anyways! The kisses they shared said everything and Jack was determined to never let Sally go ever again, and put all of his undying love for her into their kisses! Things were finally looking better for them and finally they could begin to patch up their relationship to make it the most stong and loving one ever! Awwww, I love happy endings! How sweet! *giggles* Thank you, everypony! That's it for now !!!

AppleJack: Whooo-eee! That was such a sweet treat, my heart was a flutterin'! ;w;

Fluttershy: yay!!! <3<3

Rainbow Dash: Oh, it's over? GOOD! (Rachel) Well, FINE!! I never liked you, anyway! You stupid idiots! You can have him, rag doll! And then she's OUTTA there!!! >8D

Twilight Sparkle: That was lovely! Thank you! <3

Spike: It didn't make me cry! I swear!

Derpy: I loved it! ;w; I love happy endings!

Pinkie Pie: Sorry Dashie, this scenario was too full of so much already that it had no room for interruptions from silly Sues! x3 *pats Dashie's head* And suuuuure you weren't Spike ;3!

Rainbow Dash: Are you kidding? A cameo was all I needed. >83

Pinkie Pie: Okey dokey then ;3!

Twilight Sparkle: Thank you for reading, everypony! Well, we'll be back next time for chapter five!

Spike: We`ll be back after these messages!

Derpy: We're looking forward to having fun! 8D

Rainbow Dash: Heck yeah!! >83

Fluttershy: See you then, everypony ^^!

AppleJack: I'm lookin' forward to it! 83

Pinkie Pie: Count me in! This is too much fun 8D!