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Sporking Table of Contents

I am nintendogal55, this is my snarking/sporking account.

I have posted sporkings  on das_sporking
, and down below will be the list of them for your viewing pleasure! Including of course, an introductory post that I made there too.

Thank you all for taking the time to stop by! I hope you enjoy my sporkings and other such things I'll be posting on there and here, respectively. Thank you! :)


Introductory Post


As it may imply, the following are my solo sporkings. As well as that, all of the sporkings that go onto the community. My more "independent" and "fun" snarkings will remain here on this journal. Down below are sporkings specifically made for the community. Oftentimes I will include fictional guest-stars just to take the edge off and have some fun. Unoriginal, I know, but it's a blast.

~The Nightmare Before Christmas~

Jack's lost love
Love at first sight1st story

~The Legend of Zelda~
I Think I'm falling for you Part 1
I Think I'm falling for you Part 2



There are times I can't do sporking alone. So, below is a list of sporkings I either help others with, or whom I request to spork with me. That, or any group sporkings I may partake in sometime in the future. So explore down below for the horrendous crapfests that I share in the suffering with others. Much like my solo works, we at times may bring in fictional guest-stars.

~Death Note~
You Can Trust Me with sos_sporkers

~The Nightmare Before Christmas~
The Princess of Shadows with sos_sporkers

Coming Soon Sporking

COMING SOON.... By SOS and I. ;) XD


I've joined this community here :D anti_bella

It's basically a site dedicated to female characters, who are awesome and are NOT Bella. I've made a few posts on there, so definitely check them out if you'd like! :)

Coming Soon - An Epic Spitefic

You read the title right. There is...an EPIC spitefic coming out soon. A collaboration between myself and sos_sporkers, in fact. Coming from sporking a fanfiction.

Click to read more about it!Collapse )

The Nightmare War-Chapter 4

On a quick note, this story is actually almost over. And we also created fun alternate scenarios, acted out by the ponies. :D Enjoy!

Epic...SuenessCollapse )