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A Mild Snark

I nearly put this on my "main" account, but since this is technically something of a snarking, I felt it appropriate it here.

So, what this about?

Well, I have a little gripe about a couple of things.

It relates to Sally. ...You know the one I mean. ;) The lovely rag doll.

Exhibit A: On TV Tropes, Sally is referred to as "Stalker With A Crush" on her character page. Of all the tropes she is listed with (that are true, of course), this one not only annoys me, but is untrue. Yes, they try to sugarcoat it by saying that she's gentler and kinder than most. But that doesn't work, either. It would imply that she is a stalker.

Now, I ask. WHEN and WHERE was she EVER a stalker in the film? She did nothing of the sort.

The graveyard scene, before and during Jack's Lament? Well, the begin with, she was there BEFORE he got there. She went there to RUN AWAY from Dr. Finkelstein, and to also gather some Deadly Nightshade and Witch Hazel. She had no preconceptions of Jack ever showing up there. Yes, she HID from him when he came in, but that was because she was shy and nervous about being seen by him.

On top of that, she had a missing arm. I doubt it was because Sally was insecure about looking pretty (if anything, it would look appealing) or anything. I think it was more that she wouldn't be willing to explain the reasoning. Otherwise, she would end up lying, and I have a feeling she's a terrible liar. Plus, she's very shy. She and Jack ARE good friends, but even she would have her moments of still being shy around him. There are a lot of reasons for that, after all.

Now, DURING the entire scene of Jack's Lament, yes, she IS hiding and sticking around, and moving to get closer to him. But that's because she was WORRIED about him. I mean, he started singing about how great he is and how he accepts that he's the best there is at scaring...but then it just suddenly takes a distraught, melancholy turn that Sally didn't expect. She was worried and wondering why he was so sad all of a sudden. As she listened more, if you pay attention to her facial expressions, you can see all of this just sinking into her mind as she's slowly realizing just how much in common they really have.

Case and point, Sally stuck around because she was worried, and was waiting for the right time to make herself known to him. You saw when she came out, she was expecting him to still be there, but wasn't. But overall, she understood how he felt, and this was a pivotal moment in the film.

The second thing, knowing where he lives. Um...EVERYONE knows where Jack lives. And again, they are FRIENDS. So it's very likely that Jack either told her where his home was, or Dr. Finkelstein told her. After all, she has a perfect view of his home from her window. She might have asked who's home that was and he told her.

Sally is not a stalker.

Exhibit B: Sally is not trustworthy.

How would YOU feel if you had an overprotective father figure who was not only misguidedly mean to you, ungrateful for all that you do, reminding you that you owe your life to him since he GAVE you life, and on top of that...never let you have any friends, and kept you under lock and key? In other words, misguided and ISOLATED. So, add that to the fact that you're free-spirited, and also restless as a result.

Sally must have asked SEVERAL times if she could go out. But always got the same answer; no. So really, slipping Deadly Nightshade into his food or tea was really something of a last resort. Just to get outside for five minutes. Besides, all she does is put him to sleep. She doesn't kill him or severely injure him or anything. Sure, he may end up with a headache sometimes (notice he didn't have one in the beginning), but that's more of a painful inconvenience than anything. Besides, he's already crippled. What else could possibly go wrong?

She is restless and free-spirited. She is like an animal being locked in a cage. So, her behaviour in all of that was NOT intrinsic, it was circumstantial. Sally is a good person, and a proper lady, but was having a bad time of it at the moment. She clearly doesn't hate him (she was sweet enough to cover him with a blanket before she went to the town meeting!) at all, she's just unhappy with how he treats her.

And that's my spiel for today.